About Us

We believe in a better future, with cleaner, more cost-effective, more reliable solutions.

Our staff have over 40 years combined experience in the waste industry and landfill gas sector, and have developed successful landfill gas installations on sites of all scales across Australia.

We provide gas extraction, flaring and monitoring, design, supply and installation of systems. We have a network of the best service providers and suppliers for all materials and equipment, and support local Australian businesses where possible.

LGI has a proven track record of providing flexible, economical solutions for landfill owners and operators. We also assist clients to manage the risk, and gain the potential benefits, of carbon associated with landfill gas.

Landfill Gas Systems

LGI designs, manufactures and installs, and operates landfill gas systems for both flaring, and power generation projects.

LGI develops innovative power generation solutions for landfill owners and operators. We use GE Jenbacher gas engines as our preferred power generation equipment due to high efficiency and engine durability.

Contact us today to discuss potential projects for small to large size landfills, including emerging generation technologies and alternative off-take arrangements for power.

LGI offers versatility, experience and a real passion for developing ‘green power’ solutions to bring to market.

Our own range of state of the art flares are:

  • Fully Enclosed
  • Compliant with Carbon Farming Initiative
  • Compliant with Emissions Reduction Fund regulations
  • AGA Compliant
  • Factory Tested
  • Australian designed and made
  • Incorporate full remote system monitoring and data acquisition

Our Clients

We work together with forward-thinking councils to help mitigate carbon emissions in a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

Advisory Services

Dr Jessica North provides advisory services to the waste industry across a range of topics.

Dr Jessica North provides advisory services to the waste industry across a range of topics such as waste technology appraisals, carbon assessments, waste and climate change, CBA, LCA, evaluation of waste services and systems, strategy development, and procurement.

Jessica has worked in the waste sector for over 17 years, including roles in management, consulting and research. She has extensive Australian and international experience working in both developed and developing countries.

Gas Emissions Monitoring Services

LGI can supply services for all aspects of landfill gas emissions monitoring. LGI implements industry best practice in landfill gas analysis technology and works with clients to achieve specific objectives and regulatory requirements.

Recent projects include:

  • carbon liability assessments
  • feasibility studies for landfill gas projects
  • landfill gas emissions assessments
  • waste project feasibility studies
  • cost-benefit studies for waste infrastructure
  • development of waste strategies
  • development of promotional material and presentations

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